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Renée-Marie Stephano

Founder and the President of the

Medical Tourism Association™

Renée-Marie Stephano is a Founder and the President of the Medical Tourism Association™, an international non-profit trade association dedicated to transparency in the quality and pricing of healthcare services, education and communication. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the Medical Tourism Magazine and Health Tourism Magazine. Ms. Stephano and her organization have helped thousands of patients travel to other countries and within countries to receive alternative high quality healthcare and medical treatment.

A graduate of University of Villanova School of Law, Renée-Marie is a strong advocate in the importance of educating patients and providing patients options based upon quality, cost, affordability and accessibility.She has a strong passion for the health and wellness industry and believes in the integration of wellness into traditional medicine.

Ms. Stephano spends most of her time traveling the world meeting with hospitals and governments and helping them create initiatives to support medical tourism and to increase the healthcare infrastructure and quality of healthcare in that location. She works with Ministries and tourism boards to create healthcare clusters bringing countries long term goals and visions to fruition. Renée-Marie’s hobbies are hiking, scuba diving, dancing, reading and anything associated with the outdoors and wildlife.

Having visited hundreds of healthcare facilities around the globe, Renée- Marie strives to deliver one simple message to providers of patient care in the delivery of healthcare services: It’s all about the patient experience.

Through the best practices, protocols and certification programs of the MTA, the seamless transition of a patient from one destination to another and back again is based upon the integration of healthcare, tourism and hospitality to deliver this experience.

Ms. Stephano also is the author of three books: “Developing an International Patient Center: A Guide to Creating the Best Patient Experience”, the book “The Medical Tourism Facilitator: A Best Practices Guide to Healthcare Facilitation for International Patients” and the book:

“Medical Tourism ~ An International Healthcare Guide For Insurers, Employers and Governments.”

You may reach Renée-Marie at:

[email protected]

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