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Las Vegas Gives Health and Wellness Top Billing

Las Vegas Gives Health and Wellness Top Billing

“Las Vegas.” Few words are imbued with as much mystery, glamour and tantalizing fun as the name of this iconic American city. Born under the hot desert sun, for seventy years Las Vegas has pushed the entertainment envelope by continually innovating and reinventing itself.

Las Vegas Gives Health and Wellness Top Billing Each year Las Vegas mesmerizes visitors with spectacular shows, one of- a-kind resorts, mouth-watering dining and luxurious spas. The stars that have graced the city’s billboards are almost as endless as those that sparkle in the desert sky above. Elvis, Sinatra, Manilow… these are tough acts to follow.

But the entertainment capital of the world has never been one to sit idle.
Recently a new star has been born in the form of state-of-the-art hospitals, cutting-edge medical research and affordable health and wellness treatments.

Why Las Vegas?

Health and wellness may not be the first words that come to mind when one thinks of Las Vegas. We are much more likely to picture opulent themed casinos, Venetian canals, or extravagant shows with magicians than hospitals or wellness spas.

“Vegas” isn’t just any town; it is a city where excellence and innovation pulse through its veins; where turning the status quo upside down is expected rather than feared. Is Vegas planning to throw fun out the door in exchange for somber looks, white latex gloves and stethoscopes? Hardly! Extravagance and out-of-this-world entertainment will always be just one step away. The city is simply taking advantage of its healthy climate, topnotch medical facilities, leading medical professionals and a stunning landscape to forge a path into a new frontier called “medical tourism.”

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