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Transport from Airport

Transport from Airport


Transport from Airport Shuttle and limousine services are located on the west side of baggage claim, outside door exits 7-13. Please note that there are both group shuttle and “for-hire” stretch limousine services. Shuttle service to Las Vegas proper will cost between $6-$8 dollars per person depending on if you are going to “the strip” or “off the strip.” Also, make sure to check with your hotel to see if it offers its own shuttle service. If you plan to take a limousine, then plan on spending between $45 and $60 dollars.


Taxicabs are available on the east side of baggage claim, outside door exits 1-4. There is usually airport staff available on the curb to assist passengers. Taxicabs are also available at the McCarran Rent-ACar Center. Please note that there is a $1.80 charge on all taxi fares originating at the airport and that not all taxis will accept credit card payments. If you are planning to use a credit card, make sure you notify the attendant.

Public Transportation

Two bus routes operate from the airport – Bus Route 108 and Route 109. Neither travels all the way to the strip, so you will have to transfer to the double-decker Deuce Routes 301 and 302 running from the south end to downtown. However, traveling by bus is not recommended for most medical tourists – particularly with baggage in tow.


If you are traveling with a companion or are in Las Vegas for a minor medical treatment then a rental car can be a good option, especially if you plan to do a lot of moving around. After arriving at McCarran International Airport head to exits 10 or 11 to get a shuttle to the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center. Be aware that during holiday weekends or during conventions it can often be difficult to rent a car on the same day. The best advice is to reserve your rental before your arrival.

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