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When is the Best Time to Go?

When is the Best Time to Go?

When is the Best Time to Go?

Las Vegas is a surprisingly inexpensive destination and it is not difficult to find good deals on flights and hotels throughout the year. As with most popular destinations, there is a high and a low season, each of which offers its own particular advantages and disadvantages.

Low Season
Falls between mid June and mid September. Prices tend to be low; however, it is not unusual for temperatures to reach three digits (over 45 C).

High Season
Starts right after the New Year and runs until approximately the last week of March. Prices will be higher than normal during this period so it is a good idea to book your travel at least three months in advance.

In between these dates, prices can vary significantly depending on holidays and conventions which naturally attract many visitors. Some of the most crowded holidays are Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the first week after New Years due to the attractive combination of holiday and weekend. Try to avoid these dates as hotel prices are higher and rooms are not as easy to come by.

Conventions and trade shows also draw many visitors to Las Vegas throughout the year. The months from September through May are especially busy so make sure to visit the Las Vegas convention calendar: http://www.lvcva.com/index.jsp before booking your convention or trade show trip.

The most affordable time to visit Las Vegas is during the low season when hotels are trying to attract visitors with lower rates and specials. It is not uncommon during this period to come across some great flight and hotel combos that can amount to significant savings for the medical traveler. However, beware that it can get extremely hot during this period making even short walks outside very uncomfortable.

Another great tip is to book your stay during the week instead of on the weekend as most hotels offer significant weekday discounts regardless of the season.

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